Event: 2020 Aero Skills at Home – Regional

Skills At Home,
October 1, 2020
31 Day(s)

Twenty thousand dollars in prize money for our Aero Skills from Home!! …and you also get entered into October’s Scavenger hunt where you may ALSO WIN the $2,000 monthly prize money or the $10,000 Grand Prize in November. All entries get submitted so even if you won the Aero Skills, you could win again.


Prize money breakdown for Aero Skills From Home 2020
Juniors: 1st

– $5,000 / 2nd

– $3,000 / 3
– $2,000

– Juniors are students and student technicians with up to one year on the floor.
Seniors: 1st

– $5,000 / 2nd

– $3,000 / 3
– $2,000

– Seniors are considered Journey People, where they would have more than one year on the floor. As COVID continues to ravage and dominate our world until the end of the year and likely longer. Here we are, with our developed plan to keep the competition going when everyone else has cancelled. This program was designed where all our competitors may build projects while maintaining quarantining, isolating and/or at least distancing easily in their own shop or a school’s shop. ‘Aero Skills From Home 2020’ is open to everyone so, all trades may enter to try and win. Two Categories; Junior or Senior with the test designed for Mechanics and Structures folks or anyone willing to try. You build a project and send entry prior to the end of October per Scavenger Hunt deadline, is all that is required, which may require some resourcefulness if you don’t have all the tools. Upon completion of your project you must send us three picture of it for judging, along with your resume to verify your experience category, Junior or Senior. If your not sure which skill classification, Jr or Sr, do check first before you build by giving us a call or by sending us a note and attach your resume.

Once you sign up on-line thru the Hive or Scavenger Hunt ques, in our Technician/Av-Pro Portal you will be able to access the drawings and the EO type document for the build. The Aero Skills Rule Book applies, as does the AC4313 1B and 2B publications however, the dwg takes precedent and practices or issues unsettled there defaults to this pub or rule book, if drawing don’t cover it. Once completed you send three pictures, as illustrated in the EO (engineering order), before the end of October, then the top 6 for each Jr and Sr level will be required to courier their projects to our office in Arizona for final evaluation. Follow this link to sign up as an Aviation Professional / Technician and then follow the directions on the Scavenger hunt page showing ‘Aero Skills From Home, 2020’.

Standings – Toronto, ON North East

1st Place Allan Peckford
2nd Place Ian Susty
3rd Place Michele Durand
1st Place Patrick Barriere
2nd Place Brianne MacDonald
3rd Place kali guenther

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